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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kailey's 4th Birthday (Tangled)

So my Daughter Kailey wanted to have a Rapunzel themed birthday party. I did what I could to incorporate the Tangled Theme into her big day, but fell a little short due to time restrictions.

First of all, here is the Braid that I created for decor. It also doubled as a limbo stick' later in the party. I used two balls of yellow yarn, cut each strand to the correct length, tied them all together in a knot at the top and braided it as best I could. Once it was braided I tight a purple ribbon to the end of it to hold it together. Voila! Taped it to the top of the door and it was a nice extra. Definately a conversation peice.

The next thing I did was make Candy apples. (For Maximus of course)

I had my sister print off WANTED posters of Flynn Rider

We put up some decorations... Pink Streamers (Couldn't find any yellow), purple balloons, and some "Happy Birthday" signs.

We turned on the movie, "Tangled" while the kids were showing up, just to keep them interested while they waited for the rest to show. Once everyone showed up we had snacks laid out on the table.
I didn't get a picture, they ate it too fast!

*TIP: If you don't want little orange handprints all over your furniture, walls and door handles, opt for light colured snacks. We got plain chips, white corn puffs, and sour cream and onion rings.

We put the candy apples (Which were the take home gift in place of loot bags) in a cast iron frying pan (her weapon of choice in the movie) on the table. (Doubled as decor during the party)

The cake was fantastic. We had ordered it from Jaye's Cakes here in Dartmouth.
It was stunning AND delicious!

We had cake, and played games (Duck Duck goose & limbo) then went back inside to open gifts.

While everyone was inside, Chris went outside and got the "big gift" ready for the big reveal!

Overall, Kailey and her friends had a GREAT afternoon, and I needed a large nap... which, I did not get.

Things that I wanted to do but ran out of time...
*Hang lanterns from the ceiling, lke the lantern in the movie
*Get Kailey the Rapunzel dress from Toys R Us to wear at her party
*Make purple and yellow banners to hang from the ceilings all around the house like at the square when they are dancing in the streets in the movie.

Oh well... maybe next time!



  1. Nice Job - Great start with lots of information

  2. We had alot of fun with this party.