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Friday, June 10, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

"Mom, I'm BORRRRED!!!"
Sound familiar?

Here are some boredom buster ideas for the kids on those not so nice days.

1. Sock puppets

We all have those mis matched socks laying around just waiting for their twin brother to magically appear as if from no where. Guess what? It's probably long gone. Why not put that one sock to good use?
Gather up some yarn, buttons, a needle and thread and you have yourself a sock puppet!
After you've made your sock puppet, give him a name and put on a show. Don't forget to take a video of the show so you can watch it again later.

2. Paint your fingernails

What little girl doesn't love painting their nails? 'Nuff said.

3. Make a collage
Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage onto some construction paper. This works really well just before birthdays and Christmas. Ask the child to point out the things they like most from the flyers. Might make it a little easier to shop for that special gift!

4. Lego!

Get out that lego that you are constantly picking up off of the floor and sit down with your kids and build something with them. You'll be amazed at all the cool things that they come up with... and you may even impress yourself! Try making your name out of lego.

5. Face Painting

Why wait til the sumemr festivals and fairs to get your face painted? It's always fun!

6. Bake cookies
Or if Cookies aren't your thing, just get them involved in something in the kitchen.

7. Play dress up!

Pretty self explanitory. Don't forget to take pics for the granparents!

8. Balloon game

As much as I despise balloons and all that they stand for, this game keeps kids busy forEVER! Blow up a balloon. Hit it back and forth betwen you without letting it touch the floor. Honestly, you'll get a solid 30 minutes of busy -or more, outta this one.

9. Colouring

I promise you that if you sit down WITH your kiddo and draw some pictures, you'll keep them busy. The minute you get up to turn on the kettle to make that MUCH needed coffee, they may stray. Be forewarned.
*Tip, for smaller kidlets, take some tape and stick a picture onto their high chair tray so it doesn't slide around ... and they don't try and eat it. :)

10. Build a Tent with blankets
...and have a picnic!


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