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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Best "New Baby" tips


*Sleep when your baby sleeps
Great advice, but this only works if you have one child, or happen to have an already amazing napper.

*Take Shifts when possible
One 3am feeding/change by Mama, the next night, it's Dad's turn. Sometimes this isn't possible (like when Chris used to work overnights, but as soon as he got home he'd take the baby for her first feeding of the day. Work it out to fit your own personal schedules.)

*Accept help!
I can't stress this enough. If the neighbour offers you a lasagna, take it. If a cousin offers to babysit the older kid(s), let them! Someone says they'll walk your dog, say thanks!
People only offer help when they think it will be 'cashed in'. Put yourselves in their shoes. Would YOU offer to help them and be sincere? Of course you would.

*Try and keep a diaper bag packed
You never know when you will need to grab baby and jump in the car for something. Try and keep a diaper bag packed and either in the car already, or at least... by the door ready to go. I found this very helpful.

*Frequent changes
Change your baby's diaper as often as you can. I don't mean every 30 minutes but the more often you change him/her the less likely a diaper rash.
No one likes a diaper rash. Believe me.

*Routine, Routine, Routine!
I know it's hard to set a perfect schedule, but if you can stick to a routine your life will be much easier in the long run. Ex: Pick a bedtime and go with it. Try not to stray too far from this time, or else you'll get a baby that calls the shots... yes, it's possible.
*This is usually after the 6 month mark*

*Trust your gut
If something just isn't right, it probably isn't. You are this baby's mother/father. You know what is best for him/her even when you are second guessing yourself. You are going to get a TON of advice, feedback and unwanted criticism. Let it roll off of your back. Even if it offends you, just remember MOST people mean well.
Read posts, blogs, groups, and emails. Then think how it pertains to YOU and YOUR baby. It's not a one size fits all kinda thing.

*Just ask
If you are second guessing yourself, or aren't sure what to do. Just ask. Anyone you trust. Your own mother, a sister, your friend... etc. People who have 'been there/done that' are MORE than happy to dole out advice and experience.



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